Forex Signals, Analysis & News A Free Android App

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Forex Signals, Analysis & News A Free Android App

Forex is short for Foreign Exchange market. It is also known as currency market. It is a global market for trading different types of currencies. The market is open 24 hours a day and five and half days a week. According to Bank of international statements, the daily trading averaged about 5 Trillion dollars.

What is this application about?

Forex Signals, Analysis & News application is made by has been in this industry since 2006 and has made a reputable name in the area of the field. You can check their website here.  This application helps you stay connected to the Forex market from anywhere in the world. has a team of analysts who track the charts for major currency pairs including gold and other commodities.

It comes with regular updates about major currency pairs.

Daily Forex application updates regularly which mean that you are going receive new information no matter where you are.

About the application

The application is beautifully designed and has a user-friendly UI.

As you can see, this is the main page of the application where you are going to spend most of your time.

You can see how the bottom menu is divided into just three main sections which are Technical, Signals, and News.

Forex Signals application comes in many languages such as English, Spanish, Italic, and Arabic which is important as this application is used worldwide.

This application is for all levels of traders. It doesn’t matter if you are starting out or already expert trader, this app has something for everyone.

It has a separate section on side menu called ‘Forex Articles’ in which you can learn about different trading options and answer your questions.

These articles contain in depth information and help you to understand better and trade better.

For example. When I clicked on article about Bitcoin.

Forex Signals also have an interactive way to learn profitable strategy with FX Academy.

Different people prefer different ways of learning. FX Academy has all types of media like text, videos, and quizzes. It’s a great way for beginners to get started learning about trading.


Another great feature this app has is Forex signals. What forex signal does is it gives a suggestion for entering a trade on a currency pair usually where the price is low at a specific time.

This feature is used by traders all over the world which help them make a decision about their trades.

There are other additional tools such as currency converter, live rate, and economic calendar.

Currency converter converts one currency to another based on its current market value or bank exchange rates. It is a handy tool to have in the app.

The Economic calendar is used by all traders to scout market changing moments. They use this calendar to determine the direction of the market and help them make beneficial investments. Another great tool to have on your device.

If you don’t have time and knowledge about investments you can hire a broker who can handle your investments. But how do you know which broker is the best one? Well, now you don’t have to worry. With top broker section, you can check out the most top rated and well-known broker.

Forex News section shows you all the latest events happening in the market. Quick and easy way to check what all events are currently happening.

Although this application is absolutely free. It does have paid option which includes exact entries, stop losses and position sizing. It starts with a minimal amount like $5- $50 a month.

All in all, this is a great application to have on your device. If you are just starting out as a trader this application is a great starting point or if you are already an expert you can utilize different features of this app to make more profitable investments. This is must have app for all traders.





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