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How To Increase Social Engagements?

How To Increase Social Engagements?
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In order to increase social engagements, you need to have people on your profile who have similar interests and beliefs. This is a simple formula to get an awesome increase in social engagements.

Social media is nowadays playing as a governing power in our lives. If a person is addicted to these social sites he or she will turn their mind and point of view according to the trend being set on social sites. These sites are just not for fun and pleasure; they are also a huge source of advertisement for big companies around the globe. Hooking up with social sites is so mesmerizing. There are many famous social websites, few of them are written below:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Google +
  • You tube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr
  • Reddit

Let’s get you some information on all of these top ten social sites, written above.

Facebook: Facebook is one the hugest social website with more than 800 million users around the globe. Companies use Facebook as there advertising forum and are paying Facebook around a $100 million for promoting their products.

Twitter: The second most commonly used social networking internet website is twitter. It’s famous all the tweets. Many famous personalities use the forum of twitter, when they are to spread a message among public. Like Facebook it is very prominent now a days.

Linkedin: Linkedin is usually used by professionals and just not for the purpose of fun. Linkedin has helped huge amount of people around the globe to connect to each other, and get to know about their skills and later on getting a good position in some reputed company. Usually it is a professional platform for professional people to exchange their thought ideas etc.

Google +: this website is commonly used for marketing purpose. Google+ is the forum where employers and companies get to know each other. We can also say that it is a also a great platform for the professionals.


There are actually no words to describe how much famous it is. It’s the most amazing website ever, used both for purpose of fun and work. Its income per year is around $5.6 billion. At present, 6 billion hours of videos are being watched per month, which is a huge amount and more than a billion videos watched on mobile phones and other gadgets.

Pinterest: on the forum of pinterest brands and users met each other. More than 70 million people use this website; pinterest is used more among woman. There is a window from which one can connect Facebook and pinterest together.


Instagram: instagram is the display place for picture and video is used for entertainment by young people mostly. Along with that marketing people know how to advertise product on instagram and use it in a valuable manner.


As we all are aware that facebook is the most commonly used social networking website, a survey was conducted in order to know about the social engagements people, groups or companies are having on the forum on facebook. And result was very positive. All the big brands and companies are happy to pay Facebook to market there products. Beauty of facebook is its simplicity, its not a complex website. Facebook is pretty easy you update status in form of texts, videos etc and people in response like it, unlike it, share it, love it etc. one can increase social engagements on Facebook easily and in no time. Experts and analysts also advise Facebook for social engagements. There are different sorts and interest of pages on facebook, members need to keep it updated time to time. These pages bring same interests of people together. Facebook is basically a social networking website, so for companies advertising on the forum of facebook have to be very careful. Users of facebook can always ignore them and get rid of it.

Useful advice to increase social engagements on Facebook: some useful and effective advices to increase the number of social engagements on facebook vary, as experts and analysts say. Content present on the page of facebook should be presented in such a way that people like to stick to it all day long. Related pictures, videos and facts increase social engagements a lot. Have a question and answer session with users to clear out the confusions they have in mind. It’s a cool way to get in contact with users personally. Share your personal experiences. on time posts and status update is very important in order to achieve maximum number of social engagements on any social networking website. Just visualize a thought in your mind, what if you post all facts and pictures when everyone is busy at work or school or in occupied in any other personal activity. Get a survey done, and know about the time that when do people generally check facebook. This tip is very useful. Usually after 12 am in afternoon and 7 pm in evening people check facebook in a relax mode, at their work break or at home. Buffer is used to help the posts display on time on the wall of your page to increase social engagements on Facebook buffer has played a positive and effective role.  Use lots and lots of photos and videos to get an increase in social engagements. Images speak and work in a positive manner. And everybody simply loves to see related images and videos of the posts.

Now we will see some of the advantages of these social networking sites which are as follows:

  • Help us in seeking new jobs
  • Help us to market our products
  • Provides us different referrals for our products
  • Exchange of ideas in different things like career counseling or some personal advice
  • It help us to share real time of information.
  • It also provide us to share our political belief through different social platforms to express our concern with some specific political parties.

“In short we can that any social site is a best acid for every people now a days”

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