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macOS High Sierra: Sophisticated Change.

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Your Mac. Elevated.

At WWDC-2017 Apple has released new updates of their macOS. The new version of macOS is named High Sierra. In addition, the new OS is now faster, reliable, capable, and more responsive, which has laid the foundation for future innovations. Also, the new macOS has got a boost with new technologies.


Since Apple was good at managing data of your system, with the new macOS it just becomes better. Because Apple has introduced Apple File System with advanced architecture and new security levels, your documents, files, photos all are safe. It has been developed on 64-bit architecture for today’s flash technology and is ready for future too. Also, it is now fast enough to open files and folders easily without any lags. The new macOS has built-in encryption, crash safe protection and backup on the go.


Furthermore, Apple has introduced all new HEVC standard for video coding. The new HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) also known as (H.265). The new compression standards can compress the video up to 40% more than the current standards (H.264). Also, with this technology, the video quality would be same with less memory consumption.


In addition, Apple has also introduced a new technology to their Mac i.e., Metal-2 which will unleash all the power of GPU. By using all the powers the new Mac becomes more advance and take the visual experience to the next level. Metal-2 also adds capabilities like machine learning, virtual reality, and external GPU support for entertainment and professional creative apps.


Seems like Apple has also updated their Photos App for more productivity. Apple has introduced some latest tools to their photos apps for more fun and creativity. There’s an always-on-sidebar which is the expanded view that allows the user to directly import photos. New categories such as pets, babies, outdoor activities, performances, weddings, birthdays, and sporting events, etc.


There is lot more changes to the browser, Safari now tracks the online activity and removes cross-site tracking data that is identified by the advertisers. Safari also takes care of your online video playbacks. It keeps unexpected and unwanted video playbacks mute so that you browse seamlessly. Also, you can customize your favorite website by enabling settings for individual websites.


Apple has updated their Spotlight features to ensure users a lot of conveniences. Spotlight now shows multiple Wikipedia results to enhance your searching experience.

If you want to try the new macOS High Sierra just signup in Apple Beta Software Program and update your OS to the latest version.

Comment below your thoughts and tell us what you liked about the new macOS High Sierra.



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