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6 Reasons You Should Stop Watching Television Now

Why You Should Stop Watching T.V now
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As Television is one of the most popular media in most households. It has become an indispensable device in the life of virtually every human being. Through television, people are able to see and know what is happening around them. However, the question that you need to ask is; are there disadvantages of watching TV? This article talks about the disadvantages of watching television

1. It disconnects you from people

People are social beings with a deep desire to connect and communicate with others. Due to television watching, some social bonds are weakened Being used to wasting hours upon hours watching TV, however, the majority of them end up feeling lonely and alienated, confined within four walls, away from the presence of friends and family. As a result, they become depressed, not having anybody to share their being within this awesome yet sometimes harsh journey of life.

2. It feeds your mind with lies

Nowadays the content in daily soap mainly spoils human minds. Some people develop bad habits and characters because they relate with the characters they see on TV. They start taking those worthless kinds of stuff seriously which deviate their minds

3. Pointless Advertisements

In order for commercials to work, they need to convince people that they are not good enough as they are. For example, in order to make people buy beauty & fashion products, they first need to make them believe that they aren’t beautiful and significant enough as they are. Then  show some useless and worthless tricks and try to attract our minds. The adverts are rarely ever relevant — usually we buy the products because we see the ads, not because we need the products. It turns you into a mindless consumer.

4. Wasting Time

It’s pretty obvious that when you’re watching TV you’re not doing anything else. Time spent watching television is similar to being asleep. Especially kids have to aware of spending more time in front of the television. Parents should have to be careful on the amount of time your kids watching television. Spending more time on television would affect the studying time for kids. Watching TV for kids is a good practice, but with the limited time only. Don’t be addicted to television which spoils your studying time.  Also, kids failed to go out and play only because of watching TV. The video games totally spoil the kid’s physical activities which are not a good sign at all. Not only the kids but also some adults too spoil their time by watching television. Mostly women addicted to dramas and reality shows while men addicted to sports and movies. Hence, they don’t find time for doing their daily routine works. In conclusion, I would say, watching television is good for your relaxation. But spending more time with television would cause some unwanted problems in your family life.

5. It’s harming your health

Another obvious yet often unrecognized reason to stop watching TV is that it’s having a negative impact on your health. Indeed, over the last years research has shown that watching TV for even just a couple of hours every day can significantly increase the chances of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Besides these two health issues, your body feels lazy after watching TV for long hours. Also, sitting long hours and watching TV can put some fat on your body. Be aware of these health issues by watching TV for a certain amount of time.

6. Not Good For Eyes

Watch the television program for long hours definitely affect your eyesight. Some people especially the kids sitting very close to the TV and watch programs. That’s not good for their eyesight .Focusing your eyes too long on television can cause eyestrain. Some researchers conclude watching the TV for a long time won’t cause any serious damages on your eye, but sitting very close to the TV and watch programs can cause some unwanted issues on eyes. So, always keep your kids in a long distance from the television.


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